Sunday 29 August 2010

Day 31 & Day 32 - Turkey

Day 31 & 32 - Wednesday 11th to Thursday 12th August 2010 - Turkey
The Big Blog! – so much time is spent on choosing photos, resizing photos, typing the blog, editing the blog, moving the photos around the blog, etc – I hope someone is reading it to make it all worthwhile!
Swimming in the pool has also featured strongly between blogging, but its mainly catching up with blogging that has consumed the last 2 days.

Swimming Pool at Hotel Mico
Why have 1 Umbrella when you can have 3?

We have a hungry fridge! - The 2nd car battery has run out of puff due to the high 35C heat which appears daily, without fail. The fridge consumes nearly 4amps an hour when running at full speed, in other words...
12 hours of Sun (and 12 hours of hot nights) x 4 amps / hour x no car charging = Warm Fridge. 
Hindsight has told me that a Solar Panel would have helped to keep the leisure battery fed in this heat.  Hindsight, such a knowledgeable fellow isn’t he?
In case you are all thinking we are rapidly becoming hotel junkies, there is always a very good reason.  This last couple of days have included so much pool time due to Rich having some troubles with his back. Not a totally new issue but one that raised its head for the last three days. So a bit of down time was in order for it to recuperate. Although not fully recovered we must move on tomorrow as we are fast approaching the deadline for entry to Iran with our visas.

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