Monday 2 August 2010

Day 18 to Day - Greece

Day 18 to 22 - 29th July to 2nd August 2010 - Greece
near Preveza

"CAMPING ACROGIALI is a meeting place for pleasant and car free holidays" (that is so true!)

You will find us (that Rich and Zo) 25 km north from PREVEZA port or 60 km south from IGOUMENITSA port. 

Yes we have finally stopped for much needed R&R. You will find us lounging by the crystal clear blue sea, or chilling by Barnaby, looking up at Olive trees, or as we are now, sat on the Tavernas balcony updating you guys. Oh its a Hard Life!

The blue Ionian sea with its magic beaches and the beautiful mountains.

We opted for a two night stay here, mostly because there is not much to do, but lie back and relax. Greek fuel tanker drivers decided to stage a week long strike, so rather than get stuck in horrendous queues, waiting to buy extortionately priced fuel, we decided to ride it out here.

CAMPING ACROGIALI is located just beside the sea and is shaded by olive, mulberry and poplar trees.

The site meets all our usual requirements and a few extras : restaurant, mini market, playground electricity hot water, kitchen and laundrette facilities.

Throughout the past 5 days we have finally caught up with this Blog - Yippee! - washing is up to date, Showering is up to date, and so is chilling out and swimming in the sea.


The Taverna has offered us a taste of Greek food - lovely Souvlaki and Salads, and looking forward to sampling more food that Greece has to offer.


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Unknown said...

I'm having Kleftiko for tea tonight (well, two actually!) and thinking of you guys in the greatest place on earth. Yammas!