Tuesday 10 August 2010

Day 23 - Greece

Day 23 - 3rd August 2010 - Greece
Camping Acrogiali to Metéora

The Show Must Go On! A little sadness crept in as our favourite camp site slowly disappeared in the rear view mirror. Today, feeling very bold and new age, we thought we would try something new, and actually plan our destination right down to the campsite for the night. Metéora was the destination, moving inland to central Greece.

Most of today was spent being at the helm of Barnaby, meandering the cliff top roads and mountains of central Greece. The roads travelling to Metéora were very scenic, the hill tops scattered with villages, with various roadside Monuments dotted along the way.  

The one hiccup was Barnaby is having some Automatic Gearbox over heating issues, a midlife crisis - Trooper style.

Arriving in Metéora we pulled into the campsite. Parked opposite was another Isuzu Trooper with a Rooftent! – and a Landcruiser with another Rooftent parked next to it as well!

It felt like a day of firsts really, no losing our way, no illusive road signs, arriving in daylight hours and believe it or not, having time to cook dinner before night had fallen!

With the fresh chicken purchased the day before, and mindful of our previous failed Cobb cooking attempt, we set about cooking this 3 ½ pounds of Poultry in the middle of a campsite. A little seasoning, 2 hours patiently waiting, and Voila! Chicken cooked to perfection and it tasted wonderful. Yummy!

The Campsite’s Toilets were not wonderful. Toilets in the sense that we are familiar with are gone. Toilets are now below ground. Potty training has started all over again.

So we come to the end of the evening, sat at the base of the cliff top Monasteries, full bellies, beer in hand, and blog up to date.


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