Monday 2 August 2010

Day 15 - Italy

Day 15 – Monday 26th July 2010 - Italy

The Amalfie Coast was to elude us, and it was a very long, and at times very slow drive, particularly around the outskirts of Rome and Napoli.

An amazing storm as we drove and rewarded with a beautiful rainbow

"Wozzup Richie T?"

Our first mission, having rejected every truck stop we passed as looking a little shady, was to find some accommodation. This was not before we filled up on some human fuel.

Around 10pm we stumbled upon a very quaint pizzeria in Salerno. Prosciutto and Fungi was the choice of the day, mmm... it tasted so good. Who would have thought that on the 26th July 2010 that we would be in an Italian Pizzeria having our pizza made by Luigi from Super Mario brothers!

With food in our bellies, but still very tired, we struggled on through the late night, matching the Italians crazy driving, and desperately trying to find somewhere quiet to stop and sleep.

Our luck finally came in after much circling around Salerno. A sign for a campsite appeared and was duly followed until we reached our camping spot. The camping space next to us contained another Rooftent! Maggiolina Rooftents are made in Italy, however Rooftents are still quite an unusual site to see, and rarely do they get this close together once they leave the factory.

It had been a really long day, at midnight our heads hit the pillow and we were sound asleep. Zzzzzzz.

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