Monday 2 August 2010

Day 16 - Italy

Day 16 – Tuesday 27th July 2010 - Italy
Amalfie Coast

The next morning we awoke to meet our new neighbours. Mum, Dad, 3 Daughters and Son were touring Italy having arrived from Slovenia. We thought that our Rooftent was cosy!

Over the morning we shared our travel plans and experiences, Dad had hitch-hiked through Iran, Pakistan and India some 10 years earlier, fuelling our excitement to visit these countries even more.

Zowi spots Breakfast trying to sneak off

More washing done, Showers taken, Breakfast eaten, car repacked, pictures of the camp site taken and it was to hit the road again. Destination: Amalfie Coast (no he wasn’t in Eastenders).

The Amalfi Coast, or Costiera Amalfitana in Italian, is a stretch of coastline on the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula of Italy (Province of Salerno), extending from Positano in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east.

Monkey sized car in front - Fiat 126?

The main town close to the Amalfi Coast is Salerno, the municipalities belonging to its coast are Vietri sul Mare, Cetara, Maiori, Tramonti, Minori, Ravello, Scala, Atrani, Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Praiano and Positano. Very close to the territory of the coast (near Furore and Conca dei Marini) is it situated Agerola, located in the Sorrentine Peninsula and belonging to the Province of Naples.

The Amalfi Coast is renowned for its rugged terrain, scenic beauty, picturesque towns and diversity.

Winding Road as we head to the Amalfi Coast


After leaving the Amalfie Coast we headed East towards the Ferry Port of Brindisi. Ferries leave from both Bari & Brindisi, and the latter was selected as the crossing time was slightly shorter.

The road to Brindisi was not an easy one to find. Italian Motorway junctions are neither numbered, nor signposted in advance. Driving in the dark, and overtaking a lorry, the small badly lit sign was missed causing a 2 hour loop back to where we started. Oh what fun.

Orange & Lemons grown all over this area - on their way to market?

Transporting the Wife home

At 11:30pm and unable to find anywhere to stop, we had no option but to settle into the Parking bay of a closed Petrol station.

Our unofficial stops are always based upon the “Shadiness Factor”. This has nothing to with the amount of Sun & Shade a particular stop offers. To obtain a low or zero score, stops must have; Showers & Toilets, Trucks and other Campervans already parked.

At 3:30am the owner came to open up the Petrol Station, but was happy to let us stay where we were. Thanks!

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