Sunday 1 August 2010

Day 14 - Italy

Day 14 – Sunday 25th July 2010 – Italy
Truck stop to Tuscany. After two nights sleeping at truck stops we were pretty keen to find a camp site for the next 24 hours and so headed down the Italian coast.
Are you aware that there is a hole in your Mountain?

Tuscan Olive Groves

Did we find a camp site or what? Right on the beach, perfect little pitch, and most of all GREAT SHOWERS!! You've got to get your priorties right!

Shower Block - lovely hot water

Beachside Camping in Tuscany

After quickly settling into camp (we now have this down to a ten minute routine) eating dinner, and finishing off hand washing some wiffy clothes, it was off to the sea.

The Beach

What could be a better way to end the evening but swimming in the sea on a beach to ourselves, just off the Tuscan coast as the sun performs (as if on cue) the most perfect setting. Unfortunately no picture to show you, as we were enjoying the water too much.
Oh what a fabulous day!

Umbrellas reserving a patch of beach for the next day

Scooter parking at a premium
Someone broke out in song at the sight of the beach

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