Monday, 2 August 2010

Day 17 - Italy

Day 17 – Wednesday 28th July 2010 – Italy

At 9:30am we arrived at Brindisi port. There are 3 operators that sell tickets for the 9 hour crossing to Igoumenitsa. A ticket for the 3 of us came to €114 (without Cabin – €260 with Cabin). Barnaby was classed as a “car” which probably saved us a few Euros, but something that Barnaby still grumbles about to this day!

There is a ticket seller on the way into the ferry Terminal – I’m not sure if they would have been any cheaper. A couple who did buy their tickets this way had to pay a further €15 each due to a pricing error by the Ticket seller.

The ferry operator did not accept Credit Cards, so a short trip into Brindisi town was needed to find a Cash Machine. Food Supplies were also replenished at a local supermarket.

Departure of the ferry was 9pm. The day was filled by cashing up, stocking up and then a snooze whilst parked in a quiet corner of the ports car park.

Boarding at 7pm went without a hitch.

Locals are the ones to follow for a good resting spot on board and can be identified by the blankets and pillows under arm, and a knowing glint in their eye.

Following them to the very front of the boat, we were successful in landing one of about 20 couches to sleep on located in the lounge/bar area. It soon caught on and about an hour later it definitely was the place to be. At departure time all the sofas were filled, and territory fiercely marked with bags, belongings, and “go away” glares from the lucky ones. It was the floor now for the weak, slow and infirm.

It was a smooth crossing and by 3:30am we arrived in Corfu which Rich was sure was our stop. Just prior to walking the plank a member of staff confirmed that Zowi was right this time.

Time for Zowi to grab a few more zzz’s and Rich to explore the boat before arriving in Igoumenitsa, Greece.

Arriving in Igoumenitsa

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