Maggiolina Airlander Rooftent
Medium Size: 145cm x 210cm
Closed height: 30cm - Open height: 92cm - Weight: 58kg
4 x Thule 862 AeroBars

SPOT GPS Messenger
 The SPOT will allow friends and family to see our current location on a Google Map.  It also offers piece of mind that if the SOS button is pressed, help should be on its way!
See the page "Where are we now" for our current position

Waeco CF-40 is a fridge / freezer with a super efficient Compressor which means relatively small drain on the battery.  It has a capacity of nearly 40 litres and has the ability to freeze foods (and beers) even in the hottest of countries!


500w Inverter allows 240v devices (with a normal household plug) to be connected to the 12v Leisure Battery.  Will be used to charge mobile phones, laptops, etc

National Luna Battery Management System

A clever piece of kit which allows the Fridge and Inverter to run off the Leisure Battery whilst the Main Battery looks after the starting of the Bighorn.  The System will ensure that the Main Battery is charged first after starting the vehicle, before switching to charge both batteries at once.

Baking bread, cakes, pizza - anything!
Barbecuing meats, chicken, vegetables, fish etc.
Frying eggs, meat, fish etc.
Roasting whole chicken, beef, lamb pork, etc.
Smoking fish, meats, cheese etc.

Coleman Sportster 533

This burner will run off Unleaded Petrol which should be easier to source than Camping Gas

20 Litre Jerry Cans
We have 2 Jerry Cans at the moment which will give us an additional 40 Litres (2x20) to the Bighorns 85 Litre fuel tank