Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Day 26 - Turkey

Day 26 – Friday 6th August 2010 – Turkey

Accommodations Low’s to Accommodation High’s – last night was spent at a very average campsite with appalling facilities.

Gizem Camping scored a lowly 1/10.

Facilities included 2 “Toilets” for Men and 2 for Women between 200 people. 1 Shower in a Tin Shed, no lights and no warm water. Plenty of cracked tiles, complimentary bugs, dirt and leaves.

Not the actual toilet at Gizem Camping - this one is clean and bug free

We were very happy to leave and move on towards Istanbul, and after nearly 4 weeks on the road, we succumbed to a little 3 star self indulgence.

Istanbul's Ibis Hotel scored a highly 10/10. Facilities included 1 clean flushing toilet between 2. 1 shower with lighting, pressure and warm water. Complimentary towels, soap and working drainage.

We were very happy to stay the night, despite the ominous, though peaceful "Tree of Birds" outside....

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