Saturday 31 July 2010

Day 10 - France

Day 10 – Wednesday 21st July 2010 - France
La Rochelle

Today was not such an exciting day as much of it was spent heading towards La Rochelle.

A routine has developed of stopping at local Patisserie / Boulangerie to top up with Baguettes when supplies run low.
... and the occasional Cake!
Fruit and Veg quality in France has also been fantastic, most of it purchased at the roadside from local growers. Tomatoes are Red (not green or orange) and taste like, well..., Tomatoes!

Our biggest challenge of the day was getting our Sat Nav and Map to agree on something / ANYTHING!! - they constantly argue with each other like spoilt little children and this has happened throughout Europe.

This picture is for Jacqui T. who comes from Corby.  Chatellerault is twinned with Corby.  Jacqui therefore must know some of the residents of Chatellerault.


We finally arrive in La Rochelle - the only town that exists in most English School Text Books...

Bonjour, Je m'appelle Richard. J'ai onze ans.
Bonjour, Je m'appelle Zowi. J'ai trente-deux ans.


Simone said...

What I remember in my old (Australian) French texrbooks is Toulouse - Je m'apelle Simone, J'ai vingt-huit ans, J'habite a Toulouse. ;-) (more than one lie in there, sssshhh)

Unknown said...

Did you meet Jean Pierre and Marrie Claire. They seemed to be the only 2 French names in school text books!