Saturday 31 July 2010

Day 9 – France

Versailles new Court Jester

Day 9 – Tuesday 20th July 2010 – France

Today we ventured off to Versailles Palace and Gardens.  The grandeur and opulence of the Palace (our new Summer House) & Gardens must be seen - allow a whole day for this.

Soon we were hitting the road towards La Rochelle. Had some camera battery issues today so not as many pics as we would have will just have to visit us in Australia to see the album.

There was a band playing in the Gardens at the Palace which made the visit to the Palace even more enchanting.

La Rochelle was to elude us due to a late departure from Versailles and the night was spent on a quaint campsite / 2CV Museum in the middle of the French countryside.

Now that our routine was down-pat, camp was setup with minutes.  Dinner cooked in darkness (as usual) and our first experince of Cold Water Showers followed. Brrrrrrr!  Fellow campers must have wondered what all the "Oooo's" and "Arrrr's" were that echoed from the Showers.

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