Sunday 18 July 2010

Day 1 - UK

Day 1 – Monday 12th July 2010 - England – The Netherlands
Scarborough, Newcastle, North Sea

The Princess of Norway ferry departed at 5pm with Barnaby safely tucked in downstairs and a small cabin with Zowi & I upstairs on Deck 7. The crossing went smoothly and after a night’s sleep we arrived at the port of Ijmuiden just North of Amsterdam at 10:30am on Tuesday morning.

Waiting to Board the Ferry at Newcastle

Richard onboard the Princess of Norway!


jan said...

Been following you everyday to see where you've got too, looking good, think I'm past the camping bit. Always wanted to do Versailles though so am very jelouse, cant wait to see some photos. Will keep in touch Jan xx

Anonymous said...


I just discovered your up and off, best wishes and good look, will enjoy watching your progress

Mark Ritson

michele said...

Hi guys glad you ok glad to see you well and visiting those nice places, stay safe love michele, tony,nichola, billy and ellie xxxxxxxxx