Sunday 18 July 2010

4. We finally leave

Wow – after 18 months on the market the House has finally sold. Sold though for a lot less than what we had originally planned, but sold nonetheless.

Our belongings that had not been sold were crammed into Barnaby, and we set off 20 miles up the road to my Brother, James, and his fiancée Anna to stay with them for a week. Thanks Guys for having us!

The week was filled with repacking, sorting and buying last minute items for the trip.

Goodbyes were also said during this week, we both realise that we both have some great friends that we will really miss, but the offer of accommodation in Melbourne is always there for the taking.

Time flew past so quickly during this week and it wasn’t long before it became a last minute dash to get the final things sorted and head to Scarborough to stay with my Mum for a couple of nights.

Monday 12th July came too soon and farewells were said to Mum who I will miss dearly, but also to James & Anna who also came up to Scarborough to help ease my leaving for Mum.

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