Sunday 9 May 2010

2. The Route

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Can we go through China? How many Stans are there? What is the Silk Route?

We used Google Maps to list the places that we wanted to visit and worked from this.

The route isnt set in stone and it will change frequently, hopefully because we will want to see an additional place, and not because of any tension in any area.

There is currently an outline plan for the route as follows...
Southport (England)
Newcastle (England) - (ferry to...)
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Nurburg (Germany) - (To do a lap of the Nurburgring)
Brussels (Belgium)
Paris (France)
La Rochelle (France)
Santander (Spain)
Lisbon (Portugal)
Algeciras (Spain) - (ferry to...)
Ceuta (Morrocco)
Casablanca (Morrocco)
Marrakesh (Morrocco)
Ceuta (Morrocco)
Valencia (Spain)
Barcelona (Spain)
Monte Carlo (Monaco)
Zurich (Switzerland)
Rome (Italy)
Bari (Italy)
Patras (Greece)
Istanbul (Turkey)
Ramsar (Iran) - my Dad worked in Grand Hotel Casino here!
Bandar-e-Lengeh (Iran) - (ferry to...)
Dubai - (ferry to...)
Bandar-e-Lengeh (Iran)
Lahore (Pakistan) - see Border Closing Ceremony Video

Chennai (India) - (ferry to...)
Singapore (Malaysia)
Perth (Australia)
Melbourne (Australia)

Phew! - it has felt like ages just typing this, and it has reminded me that it will be a long journey, but it should be an amazing experience!

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